Tasmota rules cookbook

Sonoff-Tasmota with define USE_RULES enabled; Rule. on analog#a0div10 do dimmer %value% endon; Result. Turning the potentiometer the voltage on the analog input will change resulting.

How to create an automated motion controlled light using Tasmota Rules and Timer commands.Instructions...Rule1 ON Power1#state=1 do Backlog WebSend [mylight].

Multiple condition rules. I have the rule below that when the power switches on it turns on another light then 3 minutes later turns it off again. I want to enhance it by only turning the other light on if it between sunset and sunrise.




under 100 means timing is 0.1 second resolution and above 100 means 1 second resolution, so 400 is actually 300 seconds. Worked fine but was not enough for my needs and tasmota only has 16 regular timers... So had a look through the rules section and this simple method does not appear in the examples. I thought someone might need it one day.

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It seems that the rule trigger System#Boot is no longer executed since I upgraded my Shelly to Tasmota 8.1. On another device that is still on Tasmota 6.6. the same rule is working as expected. REQUESTED INFORMATION. Make sure your have performed every step and checked the applicable boxes before submitting your issue. Thank you!.